How to Fix the Email Issues on Android

How to Fix the Email Issues on Android

20 Oct 2020

It’s not all silver and gold in this technological era as if you are facing issues in your SBCGlobal email then you are not alone. If you are facing issues with your on Android, then you need first to know what the cause behind this error is. Once you know the reason why you are facing the issue, then you can begin the troubleshooting steps. You can go through this blog to know the method by which you can fix this email issue, or you can call SBCGlobal Customer Care Number to speak with the experts who can help you resolve the error.

Why Do You Witness Issues in Your Sbcglobal.Net Email on Android?

The possible reason why you have to face the issue with your email on the Android are:

  • Bad or poor internet connectivity
  • Due to accumulation of cookies and caches
  • The Android smartphone is affected by malicious viruses
  • Using the older version of the email is also responsible for email issues.
  • The Android is not yet updated, which is responsible for SBCGlobal email problem.

Steps to Resolve Sbcglobal.Net Email Issues on Android

The steps that users have to follow for fixing SBCGlobal email issues on Android phone are more given below:

  • Check internet connectivity

Ensure that your Android is connected to the internet or not, and if it is deactivated, you have to activate the mobile data.

  • Clear cache and cookies data: 

 If you are using the web browser for accessing the SBCGlobal email and it is the culprit behind the email issue faced by you. Then make sure that you are using the browser that is compatible with the SBCGlobal email or not. Even you need to clear the cache, cookies and history data of the browser.

  • Uninstall the third-party application

Remove the third-party application that is causing the problem in the normal functioning of SBCGlobal email; then you must remove these apps from your Android device.

  • Recover the email password

Suppose the error is because you have forgotten the email password of your account. In that case, you must reset the password by using recovery phone number, email address and by answering the security question.

  • Update the application

SBCGlobal stops responding on Android if the application is not updated timely, that is why it’s important to update the application on time to enjoy new features.

  • Report the hacking incidence

If you cannot log in to your SBCGlobal because of unnatural activities in your account, then you should report the incidence of hacking to customer care as they will resolve the issue

  • Reconfigure SBCGlobal on Android

Last but not least, the solution is that you have to reconfigure the SBCGlobal email on your Android by removing the previous settings.

If the error still persists then you need to reach out to the experts by calling SBCGlobal Customer Service Number that is available 24*7. The certified technicians will assist you in resolving the issue faced by you.

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