How To Create Email Alias In SBCGlobal Email

How To Create Email Alias In SBCGlobal Email

30 Mar 2021

You might have been seen when someone is calling you, and you don’t want to receive a call, and indeed, it is diverted to another number. Another situation can be over two phones if you have them with you. When anyone calls your one phone, it is redirected to another where you can receive calls comfortably. The same situations go with the SBCGlobal email too. An alias email is a specific email that can be forwarded to another email.

Suppose you have an SBCGlobal email Id using it for a long time, but now, you have created another email Id with SBCGlobal, and you want to receive all emails into it. So, you have directed all incoming emails to your other newly created SBCGlobal email Id. This email is known as an Alias email in SBCGlobal, but many of us don’t use it. If you wish to create an Alias email, you must call the SBCGlobal Customer Service Number to get an appropriate solution. A technical professional will guide you to make an efficient Alias email in SBCGlobal. A technical helpdesk is opened 24/7 hours to assist you.

What Are The Steps to Create Alias Email In SBCGlobal?

Follow the given below steps to create an Alias Email in SBCGlobal.

  • Use your favourite “browser” to open your SBCGlobal email account
  • Move ahead to login to your “SBCGlobal email account.”
  • Press on the “Options” and then press on “More Options.”
  • Now, press on the “Customizing SBCGlobal Email”.
  • After that, press on the rules for sorting out new emails. Now, you can easily filter your emails at your convenience
  • Press on the option to automatically transfer the “email” to their own “folders” because you need to delete it.

You can reply to these emails by creating another SBCGlobal email address as an alias email rather than your primary email address. Here are a few steps to follow.

  • Move to “SBCGlobal account settings” and press on the “primary email Id.”
  • Now, press on the “manage identities” option and then click on the “Add” option
  • Then, add a name you want to connect with your Alias email Id
  • Once you have added your name, enter your Alias email Id in the option of “email Id” and then reply to “Email Address.”
  • Configure other options such as “encryption, messages, and reply quote”. Press on the “Ok” button to finish the process.


If you face trouble in creating an Alias email, get in touch with experts to know How to Create Alias Email In SBCGlobal'' and get appropriate solutions to have another SBCGlobal email. The technical staff is available 24/7 hours to assist you. Get your alias email created in SBCGlobal by connecting with SBCGlobal customer care. The technical staff is trained, skilled and professional to solve any query in SBCGlobal email. Sometimes, you hesitate to do so, but it is mandatory to connect with SBCGlobal customer support because you will get perfect steps to make an Alias email account.

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